Angie and I fell in love in the summer of 2012, wandering the streets of Minneapolis. Looping lakes and neighborhoods, that summer it seemed like around every corner we'd find the colorful tags of a street artist reading 'hottea'. The typography was made from bright colors of yarn, bent and refracted through chainlink fence - a joyful splash of color in unexpected places. They would appear overnight, and we would find them in the mornings.

In the spring of 2013, I was planning to propose to Angie. We'd found a lovely ring on a trip to Portland, and I'd hidden it well. I only needed a place to ask the question. In search of something special I contacted Eric Reiger - the secretive artist behind the 'hottea' installations. I told Eric that Angie and I walk around Lake of the Isles like it's our home, that in Iceland we discovered greenhouses, glowing with tropical fruit in the midnight tundra, that discoveries bring us closer together. He told me to start buying yarn.